Monday, May 1

May I Offer a Prayer?

Colossians 1:9-12 |

Happy May Day! 

When I was a child, we celebrated the first of May by making May Baskets. We made our own little baskets from construction paper, filled them with candy or cookies, and took them to neighborhood friends.

Today, and every day this month, I have a gift for you which will not spoil your appetite nor your waistline. This gift is daily prayer twice a day for each day of the month. You can start right now with a morning prayer for May 1st, or read about these daily prayers and find links for every day and evening prayer here.

Spiritual practices like prayer aren't just for Advent or Lent, they bless us every day. I encourage you to try this one out, just for one month, then decide what to keep. You might decide to start over next month. You might decide just morning or evening prayer is enough for you. You might add to the prayers by journalling or deciding to do something that that particular prayer brought to mind. You might decide that it's just not for you. Any of these choices is valid. None will make God (or me) love you more than another. Just give it a try. You might find that when you begin and end in prayer, every day in May is a happy one!

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