Monday, May 29

My New Cutting Table

Cut the budget, but don't cut corners |
The big reveal of my redesigned sewing and craft space did not reveal the heart of the room: my cutting table. Today I'm going to tell you all about it and even let you look in the drawers!

Thursday, May 25

Family Celebration Meal Planning Form: Free Downloadable

Celebration Meal Planning Form |

We Are Family! It's a Celebration!

This appears to be an Easter-related post, but it's really for year-round consumption. My idea arrived at Eastertide, which begs the question: Does chocolate enhance creativity?

Monday, May 22

My Sewing and Craft Studio Redesign: The Reveal

My Sewing and Craft Studio Redesign: The Reveal
Welcome! It's so exciting to reveal my beautiful sewing and craft studio to you at last! Thank you for hanging in there with The Vision, The Purge, and The Work. Come on in and have a look around.

Thursday, May 11

Be Alarmed

This woman is alarmed
In my previous post, The Beginning of Letting Go, I wrote about my decision to step down from church leadership. Though I was no longer teaching Sunday school, serving as an Elder, or leading the Spiritual Growth department, I was still active at church. I sang with the praise band, volunteered in the office one day a week, created all the slide presentations for the traditional and contemporary worship services, and managed the church website. I also did whatever I could to backup and assist my daughter, who was leading the children's ministry. Her job had previously been done (along with youth ministry) by paid staff who had left for another position.

Monday, May 8

My Sewing and Craft Studio Redesign: The Work

Sewing and Craft Studio Redesign: The Work |
I had a plan for the revision of my sewing and crafting space, and I had done a lot of purging of things that were being stored. Now it was really happening! The work was beginning!

Thursday, May 4

My Sewing and Craft Studio Redesign: The Purge

Sewing and Craft Studio Redesign: The Purge |
My vision for a redesigned sewing and craft space was in place and informed by the desire for a light and uncluttered space.
Removing walls and ceiling texture and paint color would do a lot to add light to the space. My next priority project was to work towards effecting an uncluttered space.

Monday, May 1

May I Offer a Prayer?

Colossians 1:9-12 |

Happy May Day! 

When I was a child, we celebrated the first of May by making May Baskets. We made our own little baskets from construction paper, filled them with candy or cookies, and took them to neighborhood friends.