Monday, April 17

A prayer for today: 3p

O most wise, most great, most holy God, in wisdom and power and tender mercy you created me in your own image. You have given me this life to live, you have appointed my destiny and decided where I should live, you have surrounded me with gracious and generous influences, you have written your law within my heart.

And in my heart’s most secret chamber you are now waiting to meet and speak with me, freely offering me your fellowship in spite of all my sinning. Let me now make the most of of this open road to peace of mind. Let me approach your presence humbly and reverently. Let me carry with me the spirit of my Lord and Master Jesus Christ. Let me leave behind me all fretfulness, all unworthy desires, all thoughts of malice towards others, all hesitancy in surrendering my will to yours.

In your will, O Lord, is my peace.
In your love is my rest
In your service is my joy.
You are all my heart’s desire.
Do I have anyone else in heaven?
There’s nothing on earth I desire except you.[1]

In your presence, O God, I think not only of myself, but of others: of my friends, of those who have worked or played with me today, of those who are in sorrow, of those who are bearing the burdens of others, of those who are staffing difficult locations or lonely outposts of your Kingdom. You are the Creator, Savior, and Sustainer of us all, be near to us all tonight and graciously keep watch over our souls. Hear my prayer in the name of our Savior and your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Paraphrase of A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie ©1949 Charles Scribner's Sons

[1]Psalm 73:25, Common English Bible