Sunday, April 9

A prayer for today: 27p

“I falter where I firmly trod,
And falling with my weight of cares
Upon the great world's altar-stairs
That slope thro' darkness up to God,
I stretch lame hands of faith, and grope…”
― Alfred Tennyson, In Memoriam

Eternal God, who has been the hope and joy of many generations, and who in all ages has given people the power to seek you and in seeking to find you, grant me, I pray, a clearer vision of your truth, a greater faith in your power, and a more confident assurance of your love.
When the way seems dark before me, give me grace to walk trustingly:
When much is hidden from me, let me be all the more faithful to the little that I can clearly see:
When the distant scene is clouded, let me rejoice that at least the next step is plain:
When what you are is most hidden from my eyes, let me still be persistent in doing what you command:
When insight fades, let obedience endures:
What I lack in faith let me repay in love.
O infinite God, the brightness of your face is often veiled from my view. I thank you that you sent your Son Jesus Christ to be a light in a dark world. O Jesus, Light of Light, I thank you that in your most holy life you pierced the eternal mystery as with a great shaft of heavenly light, so that in seeing you we see Him whom no man has seen at any time.

And if still I cannot find you, O God, then let me search my heart and know whether it is not rather I who am blind than you who are hidden, and I who am fleeing from you rather than you from me; and let me confess my sins before you and seek your pardon in Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.

Paraphrase of A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie ©1949 Charles Scribner's Sons