Sunday, April 9

A prayer for today: 22p

Now, O Lord, when the day's work is done, I turn to you once more. Everything comes from you, everything lives in you, and everything ends in you. In the morning I began with your blessing, all day you upheld me by you grace, and now I pray that you would grant me rest and peace. I lay all my worries and all my anxiety. I pray that you will bless all that has been done today in accordance with your will, and forgive all that has been done inappropriately. Graciously preserve whatever good I have done today,; and if I have done any harm, annul and overrule it by your almighty power.
O Lord, I remember before you tonight all the workers of the world:
Workers with hand or brain:
Workers in cities or in the fields:
Those who go out to work and those who work at home:
Employers and employees:
Those who command and those who obey:
Those whose work is dangerous:
Those whose work is monotonous or lowly:
Those who can find no work to do:
Those whose work is the service of the poor,
     or the healing of the sick,
     or the proclamation of the gospel of Christ.
Lord Jesus, whose desire is to serve rather than to be served, have mercy upon all who work faithfully to serve the common good. Lord Jesus, who fed the hungry multitude with loaves and fishes, have mercy upon all who work to earn their daily bread. Lord Jesus, who called all that labor and are heavy laden, have mercy upon all whose work is beyond their strength. And to you, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, be all the glory and the praise. Amen.

Paraphrase of A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie ©1949 Charles Scribner's Sons