Monday, April 17

A prayer for today: 19a

Blessed are you, most gracious God, that again you have brought light out of darkness and caused the morning to appear! Blessed be you that you send me forth, in health and strength, to the duties and doings of another day! Go with me, I pray, through all the sunlit hours, and so protect me from every evil way that, when evening comes, I need not hide my head in shame.

O God who has so graciously called me to be your servant, I would hold myself in readiness today for even your slightest command. Give me the spirit, I pray, to keep myself in continual training for the punctual fulfillment of your most holy will.

Let me keep the edges of my mind keen:
Let me keep my thinking straight and true:
Let me keep my passions in control:
Let me keep my will active:
Let me keep my body fit and healthy:
Let me remember Him whose heart it was to carry out your will.

O Lord of the vineyard, I beg your blessing upon all who truly desire to serve you by being diligent and faithful in their numerous callings, bearing their due share of the world’s burden, and going about their daily tasks in all simplicity and uprightness of heart.

For all who tend flocks or till the soil:
For all who work in factories or in mines:
For all who rescue and protect:
For all who buy and sell in the marketplace:
For all who wait tables and prepare meals:
For all who labor with their brains:
For all who labor with their pens:
For all who teach and nurture:
For all who tend the home:
Dear Lord, I pray.

In your great mercy save us all from the temptations of the day, and bring us to everlasting life, by the power of the Holy Cross. Amen.

Paraphrase of A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie ©1949 Charles Scribner's Sons