Tuesday, May 6

Quick and Easy Bridal Shower Gift

Have you ever needed a quick, but inexpensive gift for a bridal shower? I faced this dilemma recently when I accompanied a friend to a shower for someone I did not know well. I needed a gift that was:
Quick and Easy Shower Gift | Bridal Shower
  1. Not too expensive. 
  2. Not risqué.
  3. Quick and easy.
My solution: a picture frame with a cute saying inserted.
I bought the frame at Hallmark, but you could use one that you already own.

I wanted to frame a sentiment that was wedding appropriate so it could be used as-presented now and used to frame a photograph later without feeling guilty.

Keep Calm and Say I Do | Bridal Shower Gift

My solution was to format a 5 by 7 text box in a Word document with the phrase, "Keep calm and say 'I Do'" (font: FFF Tusj).  I also inserted a clip art image of a ring at the top. I formatted the text box with no fill, but a border line. Then I printed my document on sew-in computer printer fabric, the same kind I used to make the labels for my Simple to Sew Crayon Pouches. After printing, I cut it out on the border lines, inserted it into the frame, and admired this quick and easy bridal shower gift.