Friday, May 23

Very Hungry Caterpillar Shower Gift

A Very Hungry Caterpillar | Baby Shower Gift
What is more fun than a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed baby shower?Creating gifts to match the theme, of course! I confess: I love to theme out a party, and making gifts to fit the theme is somuch fun! Earlier, I wrote about a gift basket that I lined using five colorful bandannas. Here's what went into the basket:

Friday, May 9

DIY Grad Gifts from old jeans!

Graduation Gift | gift bag from jeans | Easy to Sew
Graduation Gift | gift bag from jeans | Easy to SewHow bittersweet to celebrate the high school graduations of two young men I've know since they were small children. I am so proud of them and so happy that they have purpose and direction in their lives. Still, I'm a little sad that soon they'll be away at college and I won't be seeing them as often.

I wanted to bring more than a card to their graduation parties, so I made up these little gift bags from old jeans and put in some items that I thought they'd need when away from home: Bandaids and non-aspirin pain reliever, Febreeze and Tide stain remover, nail clippers and Q-tips.

Tuesday, May 6

Quick and Easy Bridal Shower Gift

Have you ever needed a quick, but inexpensive gift for a bridal shower? I faced this dilemma recently when I accompanied a friend to a shower for someone I did not know well. I needed a gift that was:
Quick and Easy Shower Gift | Bridal Shower
  1. Not too expensive. 
  2. Not risqué.
  3. Quick and easy.
My solution: a picture frame with a cute saying inserted.