Tuesday, April 1

Sew an Easy Tank Top Nightgown

Easy Tank Top Nightgown | Sew Happy | Sewing Knits
This girl loves a tank top!  She's been asking her mom every day when the weather will be warm enough for tank tops and shorts!  At least she has this tank top nightgown, and look how springy it is in this pink knit!

I started with a simple tank top pattern. I like to trace my pattern on tissue, the kind that comes in rolls for artists.  First, I traced my tank top pattern on the tissue. (Sorry, I didn't take any photos, so I'll have to use a drawing!)  Then I drew a line for the new length, parallel to the original hem line. I marked a point on the new "hem" line to add 3 or 4 inches to the width. I then used my ruler and drew a line from the bottom of the armhole to the point I just marked. When the armhole is the same for the front and back pieces, it is easy to use one pattern to cut them both, then cut the deeper neckline for the front.

For the ruffle at the bottom, I cut a piece about six to eight inches wide across the width of the fabric (60" for most interlock knits).

Nightgown from tank top pattern | Easy pattern alteration

I use a serger for sewing knits, but remember that you can always use a zigzag.  You can even stitch with a straight stitch, stretching the fabric gently as you sew, then finish the edges with a zigzag.

Sewing this together was a snap! Sew together at shoulder seams. Turn the neck edge down 1/2 inch and press, then stitch with a zigzag. Sew the side seams, then finish the armholes in the same way as the neckline.  Sew the ends of the ruffle piece together and fold wrong sides together and press. Baste the raw edges together and use that stitching to gather the ruffle to fit the bottom edge of the nightgown.  But wait!  I often forget to put this step in the right place in real life, too!  Before gathering, mark the dress edge and the ruffle in quarters with pins. Then when you are gathering the ruffle and pinning it to the dress (right side), you can get your gathering to be even.  After you get it all gathered and pinned, stitch. Ta dah!  This might be the easiest thing you do all day!

And look how happy your little tank top lovin' girl will be to get ready for bed!

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