Wednesday, January 1

Sew happy New Year's Day!

I decided to celebrate the new year by sewing—anything I wanted. It took me a while to decide, but I had unearthed a pattern for a scrap bag for a sewing table (Kwik Sew #3886) when I was doing some cleaning and organizing the other day. That was exactly the right thing!  I had made a curtain for the window in my sewing corner, and thought I'd like to use the same fabric for this.

I made a couple of changes to the pattern.  I left off the pin cushion, because I like to use a magnetic pin cushion. The weight to hold the scrap bag on the table is from a tile that fits into a pocket.   I wanted to use a tile that my daughter had brought me as a souvenir from Mexico, so I didn't want to cover it with fabric.  I used clear vinyl for one side of the tile pocket.  The bag stays open because of tubing that is inserted in the decorative band. However, I didn't have any tubing, so I used some leftover boning, which worked just great.

Next step: re-purposing something.  I iron on a mat that I had purchased at the fabric store which has a grid printed on it.  I have it on one end of my cutting table, held in place with huge binder clips so it won't slide off.  Originally, the mat had this long pocket that hung from the front edge, but it was more trouble than it was worth, so I took it off.  But I never want to throw anything away, even a crazy plain pocket that is muslin on the front and ironing board cover material on the back.  I used my Silhouette to cut "Measure twice Cut once" and some cute shapes (scissors, thimble, safety pin, needle and thread) from  heat transfer material. I ironed them to this pocket and pinned it to the bulletin board that hangs behind my sewing table. Cute and handy!

So, here's the thing with the Silhouette: sometimes I have a project on the back burner because it requires cutting something out of heat transfer material, or vinyl, etc. So when I am cutting something out, I'll often go ahead and cut the project from the back burner as well.  Since I was cutting the "Measure twice", I decided to cut the design for a book bag that I had been planning to make for a long time.  I had made one like it for my daughter, and a friend said she would like one, too.  I knew that I wanted to use a piece of yellow canvas, and was deciding on the trim color, which depended on the colors of heat transfer material I had on hand.  It just so happens that I had this pretty spring green and some spring green vinyl that I had found in the remnant bin a few months ago, so I decided to use those.  The vinyl "fabric" gives stability to the top of the bag and makes sturdy handles. I ironed one of my old fashioned labels on the inside.

Here's my sewing tip—if you do any craft sewing, make sure you have a Teflon foot for your sewing machine!  It made sewing both the clear vinyl for the tile cover and the vinyl for the bag so easy.  Without the special foot, the vinyl just sticks to the presser foot and your stitching just won't some out neat.

I'd love to hear what you made or worked on today!


kristen hetzel said...

I sewed some stiff felt into hearts for a heart garland I am making for a baby shower!

Carol Mesimer said...

Fun project, Kristen! A reminder for those who like to sew garlands of paper shapes: reserve that needle for sewing paper only, in the same way that you have fabric shears and paper scissors. Sewing paper dulls a needle quickly, just as cutting paper will dull your shears.

kristen hetzel said...

Thanks for the tip. I may use nail polish to paint the end of a needle to remind me.

Carol Mesimer said...

Sharpie marker works, too.