Friday, January 3

Rolled storage: hanging file?

I came across this idea for storing wrapping paper rolls on Pinterest. It took me a while to track down the original post for how the paper rolls were hung on the rod. Of course, it's not only well organized, but really cute, helped by the pretty paper.

I focused on the well organized part, because what I wanted to organize isn't all that pretty: interfacing, wonder under, etc.  I had been storing these sewing supplies by rolling them on empty gift wrap tubes. I stored the rolls in a tall waste basket.  There were a couple of problems with that. First, I was also storing other rolled-up things in that waste basket. There were rolls of wrapping paper, contact paper, and kraft paper, along with a couple of other miscellaneous items. I dealt with that by putting all those things where they belonged and/or in new storage locations. The other problem was finding what I wanted—or not finding what I wanted!  I would have to pull each roll out and try to figure out what was on it. Not all the rolls are the same length, so some things would get lost at the bottom of the "barrel". This is where the hanging storage came in!

The wrapping paper, above, was hung with those little hanging clips attached to binder rings. I decided to use binder clips and binder rings, as I have a plethora of binder clips in various sizes, and they clip easily onto thicker rolls.

To solve the problem of knowing what is on the roll, I made some tags to hang on the binder rings. I just punched some circles from a manila folder (I like the plain look.) and punched holes in the circles.

To make sure I would be able to read the tags, I flipped the "arms" of the binder clip up and clipped it on the "front" of the roll. Then I threaded the binder ring through the front arm of the clip, then the tag.

I clipped the binder ring onto my wire shelving. Now I can remove a roll by un-clipping it and the label stays there as a place marker.

I found I had a lot of rolls of stuff, so I hung some from a lower shelf on the rack.  See that roll with the pink ribbon?  That's a roll of freezer paper that was too thick for a binder clip.  I dropped the ribbon down the center of the roll, brought the end up the side, and tied the ends in a knot. Then I clipped the binder clip to the ribbon.  I'll probably change that pink ribbon out for something more plain someday...

One reason I had so many rolls is that I had some duplicates.  Now that I can see what I have, I won't waste time and money buying supplies I already have!

Do you have a great organizing tip that you recently put into practice?

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