Monday, January 6

Needle Positioning Pointers

Some pointers on needle positioning might be helpful to some of you beginning sewers. Many sewing machines sold today give you the ability to adjust the position of your needle.  Mine defaults to LEFT and has a button for CENTER.  It also has a button to move the needle left or right by small increments.

First, I'll show an example of double row topstitching with the needle in the left position.

Saturday, January 4

My Favorite Elastic Waistband

There's more than one way to put in an elastic waistband, and this is my favorite. Why? It's quick and easy. It looks neat. The elastic will not twist.
Here are the steps:
1. Cut elastic 2-3" shorter than the waist measurement. I usually cut mine 3 inches shorter.  Overlap the ends of the elastic about 1/2 inch and stitch securely.  Divide the circle into quarters and mark with pins.  I like to start with a pin just to one side of the overlap, and place that at the back of the garment.  Placing the mark to the side prevents the bulk of the overlap from lying on top of the bulk of the back seam.
2. Divide the garment top in quarters and mark with pins.

Friday, January 3

Rolled storage: hanging file?

I came across this idea for storing wrapping paper rolls on Pinterest. It took me a while to track down the original post for how the paper rolls were hung on the rod. Of course, it's not only well organized, but really cute, helped by the pretty paper.

I focused on the well organized part, because what I wanted to organize isn't all that pretty: interfacing, wonder under, etc.  I had been storing these sewing supplies by rolling them on empty gift wrap tubes. I stored the rolls in a tall waste basket.  There were a couple of problems with that. First, I was also storing other rolled-up things in that waste basket. There were rolls of wrapping paper, contact paper, and kraft paper, along with a couple of other miscellaneous items. I dealt with that by putting all those things where they belonged and/or in new storage locations. The other problem was finding what I wanted—or not finding what I wanted!  I would have to pull each roll out and try to figure out what was on it. Not all the rolls are the same length, so some things would get lost at the bottom of the "barrel". This is where the hanging storage came in!

Wednesday, January 1

Sew happy New Year's Day!

I decided to celebrate the new year by sewing—anything I wanted. It took me a while to decide, but I had unearthed a pattern for a scrap bag for a sewing table (Kwik Sew #3886) when I was doing some cleaning and organizing the other day. That was exactly the right thing!  I had made a curtain for the window in my sewing corner, and thought I'd like to use the same fabric for this.