Thursday, July 4

A Purty Party


 Here they are, at last! 
          Party pics!         

The party theme was game night, and the food was carnival food: peanuts and popcorn, cotton candy, nachos and pretzels with cheese, hot dogs, whole dill pickles, pulled-pork sandwiches, and cupcakes.
Also, lots of beverages, including water bottles with "Purty Thirty" labels.

It was terribly windy at the park that day, so it was challenging, if not impossible, to display the food and decorate as planned.  Some things just didn't make it to the party, but the food and games did!

cotton candy and cupcakespretzels, pickles, and chips

Thirties Throwdown

Bean Bag Toss

Purty Plinko
Target Practice

Ladder Golf

And a few finishing touches...

Birthday Girl photos in colorful frames, and a description of her personality!

Fun Photo Op
Kate found a Polaroid camera and film which had expired in 2006, but still worked, mostly. The results were some cute vintage-y snapshots! We didn't get a photo of the photos, because we had put them away during the rainstorm. Didn't I mention the rainstorm?

Yes, it rained horribly during the party and the air cooled considerably, but we partied on!  In spite of nature, we all had a

Purty Good Time!


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