Monday, May 13

A dress from a shirt!

After I used parts of a shirt to cut elbow patches, I used the rest to make this cute dress/tunic for my granddaughter. The idea came from MADE. That girl is creative!

This shirt was a man's Fitted 16.  After shirring, it fits a 2-year-old!

This girl looks so cute in her LBD!

Saturday, May 11

Elbow patches!

One of the men in my family has worn out the elbows of several of his shirts in such a way that they have small tears in the fabric. Rather than replace them all, he asked if I would put elbow patches on them to extend their lives. Here's how I did it.

Friday, May 10

A Gift for a Friend

The idea for this centerpiece came just in time from Eat.Sleep.Make. It's a Mother's Day gift  for a dear friend.