Tuesday, May 15

Always Sew with a Relaxed Bottom

"Always sew with a relaxed bottom" is about sewing a seam where one piece of fabric is "eased" to another, such as setting in a sleeve. When setting in a sleeve, the armhole piece is in control. It has the tension, the structure. The sleeve side of the seam feels loose by comparison. It must be eased to fit. If you try to force the ease by placing the sleeve on top so you can micromanage with a lot of pins, you might get a smooth seam, but not without a lot of tension (yours, not the thread). But if you flip it over and use fewer pins, the action of the sewing machine will do the work and you'll get a smooth seam with a lot less tension. The relaxed part—the sleeve—goes on the bottom.

Here's how I think that funny saying about sewing might apply to the rest of my life:
Control goes on top. You need to have some level of control when you are in charge. Committee leaders and teachers provide structure to enable creativity and productivity. Moms structure life for their children to give balance and security. Order gives us confidence to perform.
Make room for ease. This is the hard part. We work so hard to do our best that we begin to think that our best is the best—the only way. We try to help by suggesting, rather strongly, that things be done our way. However, ease opens doors to creativity and peace. Ease gives encouragement. Ease makes room for others. Allow for ease, let it work its way into the garment. Life isn't seamless. But the seams will be smoother with less tension.
I'm going to practice being more grateful for the things that people do instead of fussing that they didn't do it my way. I might learn something!  How will you practice putting more ease in your life?  I'd love to read your comments!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Carol....may be a big help as I do such a small thing as help JG plant a few Knock Out
Roses......do I really think a few inches either
way will make any difference.....