Tuesday, November 21

It's Not Different

I couldn't stand it anymore, so I put down my embroidery to write this.  When the reports about men making unwanted sexual advances toward women and girls started popping up, I was angry but not surprised.

Monday, June 26

How to Make Your Own Piping

Make Your Own Piping | craft.outsideofablog.info
Piping adds so much to a sewing project, whether it's a pillow, or table runner, or a garment. Pre-made piping comes in some great colors, but they are limited. Some projects call for a thicker piping and/or a custom color or print. That's why it's helpful to know how to make your own piping.

Monday, June 19

Tutorial: Sew a Chair Cushion

chair cushion tutorial | craft.outsideofablog.info
"Always sew with a relaxed bottom" is a favorite sewing motto of mine. Of course, it doesn't actually refer to our bottoms, but who doesn't want a comfy seat? Here's how to make your own chair cushion.

Thursday, June 15

Birdie Pillow Cover Tutorial

pretty tweet pillow cover tutorial | craft.outsideofablog.infoI often am surprised by what can be created with leftover fabric. This pillow cover was made from some new-ish leftovers and some very old ones.